About CanolaEatWell.com

CanolaEatWell.com is funded by the Manitoba Canola Growers Association in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

What does Be Well! really mean?

It means living a passionate life through healthy living, personal growth and partnership.  We call this Live Well, Eat Well, Be Well!

Live Well…

When you look at living well, it may look like a huge task but it’s the simple things that we do daily to live well, from eating breakfast every morning to getting outside for a walk or laughing with family and friends.

Eat Well…

Eating well is a foundation that supports living well.  When possible we include the nutritional analysis for our recipes so you can review and see if it fits into your eating plan.  We use simple whole ingredients to get the best flavour and for health.  Of course, eating well is all about balance.

Be Well…

It’s about passion, balance and a strong foundation.  Living a passionate life inspires others to do the same and when you can operate at your best, it seems like everything is possible.  Be Well is here to help you live your passion, find balance and give you access to resources that will help you build your own strong foundation.

At the Manitoba Canola Growers we are committed to “be well!” at everything we do.  We are inspired by our farmers, our partners and you!  Our farmers commit their best to Be Well for their families and businesses.  They want the best from their land and they do their best to take care of the land to pass down to the next generation.  We know that our farmers love what they do and are passionate about growing a healthy product for not only Manitobans but for people around the world.

We are passionate about what we do and love to hear about what drives you.  Share with us on the blog (www.canolareatwell.com), on facebook, on twitter (@canolagrowers) or email us (info@mcgacanola.org).

Be Well…
Ellen Pruden & Jenn Dyck
Education & Promotion Team with Manitoba Canola Growers Association
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Who are the Manitoba Canola Growers?

The Manitoba Canola Growers Association represents over 9,000 farmers in Manitoba.  On average they plant 3 million acres of canola each spring.